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    Steven Universe

    I just finished Season 1, and I am wrapped in a burrito of feels. I don't know how they manage to cram such emotional weight into eleven minutes.

    It's like Evangelion in a way:

    >Feels are rekt
    >Smooth jazz credits

    As it happens, SU's focus on powerful female characters wasn't the only thing that reminded me of KP:

    "In the development process for the series, the outline for an episode is passed to storyboarders, who then draw and write the episode simultaneously. The resulting storyboards are then animated based on traditional paper drawings by one of two Korean studios, Sunmin and Rough Draft, based on the production crew's designs."

    Rough Draft was one of KP's animators, and their episodes featured the most beautiful animation of the series. I've had to stop SU from time to time to take screenshots of my favorite moments.
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    Cool. I've seen the advertisements for the series, but never actually watched. I may have to check this out.
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