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Thread: The Kim Possible 6 Figure Play Set

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    The Kim Possible 6 Figure Play Set

    According to the packaging, this playset was a Disney Store exclusive item. It contains 6 figures, each about an inch and a half high (except for the Rufus figure). For a while, I decorated the little shelf on top of my computer monitor with various figures in this playset. I even used some of them in my Christmas decorating (a tabletop Christmas scene, complete with minature tree and fireplace) during the holiday season several years back. I saved the box they came in after opening it because it has four “collector cards” printed on the back – one each of Kim, Ron, Drakken, and Shego. I took close-up photos from different angles so you can see the amount of detail on each figure. The tallest figure in the playset, the Drakken figure, measures 3 1/8" tall - from the soles of his feet (no base on this figure) to the top of his hair. The next-tallest figures in the playset are the two Kim figures (mission clothes and cheer squad). Both are just about 3" tall.

    Name:  Back of 8-Figure Playset Box.jpg
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    Name:  KP 6-Figure Playset Group Picture.jpg
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