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Thread: Kim Possible Backpacks and Lunch Totes

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    Kim Possible Backpacks and Lunch Totes

    We have acquired three backpacks and three lunch totes. Two of the backpacks and lunch totes go together, the lunch totes connecting to the outside of the backpacks by means of plastic latches. The backpack and lunch tote with yellow trim go together, as do the purple pack and tote. There are also a red and blue backpack and a blue lunch tote that are decorated with similar pictures of Kim (in her cheer outfit, waving her pompons and cheering), but those two cannot be linked together – no latches on either one. Those were all purchased at my local Disney Stores.

    There are several other KP bags available, as well. One of them is a purple “Kim Possible University” barrel bag, about 10 – 12 inches long, and slightly larger in diameter than a music CD carrying case. This has a picture of Kim on one side, in her cheer outfit and waving her pompons, superimposed over a fancy university-type coat of arms. The words “Kim Possible University” are above and below the picture, in purple letters bordered with silver glitter. This was also purchased at a Disney Store.
    I also bought a KP tote bag made of heavy translucent vinyl, with a picture of Kim on one side sitting among a bunch of hearts and stars. There’s also a red and blue vinyl cell phone pouch that attaches to the tote bag’s strap via a Velcro strip. I’ve included a close-up shot of Kim, because she’s wearing an outfit we’ve never seen her wear on any of the series’ episodes – blue capri pants, white shoes, and a yellow halter top. This is yet another Disney Store exclusive. BTW, the black “platform” the tote bag is sitting on in my photos is a plastic clipboard, measuring 9” wide by 12” long, so that should give you some idea of the size of the tote bag.

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    Name:  KP Red and Blue Backpack 1.jpg
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    Name:  KP Red and Blue Backpack 2.jpg
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    How long did it take you to build this collection?
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    Quote Originally Posted by sharper1988 View Post
    How long did it take you to build this collection?
    It took me several years to gather all this stuff. I basically poked my nose into the toy section at various Wal-Marts, as well as the Disney stores from 2003 to, oh, 2008 or 2009. I also found stuff in Toys-R-Us stores around Go City. It was a matter of playing detective trying to find everything. The KP beanbag doll wearing the green top & capri pants I found in a bin of plush toys in a Big Lots store in Columbus, OH in '06 or '07. I paid only a dollar for her, IIRC.
    Some stuff I had to purchase on-line, like the KP board game or the last McDonald's toy, Drakken's helicopter (and I was lucky to get that when I did - several weeks later, that website was all sold out of their KP stuff). A few items were bought on Amazon or eBay, from private sellers.
    Most of my collection is now packed into four large plastic storage tubs and kept in my storage cubicle a few miles from where I live - there's no room in my home for it anymore.

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    Please say yes

    Are these backpacks for sale? I’m looking for one

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    Are these still up for sale? I would love to buy one! Sorry i don’t know if my message posted earlier

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    Hi, Mvvvvvv, I'm sorry, but these pictures are of TransWarpDrive's great collection of Kim Possible memorabilia, only for demonstration purposes. None of these items are for sale.
    "Say the Word"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kim Possible Fan View Post
    Name:  KP Vinyl Tote Bag 4.jpg
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    Name:  KP Yellow Backpack 1.jpg
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    hey, i’m going into my senior year and all seniors wear their favorite tv show as their backpack. is there anyway your willing to sell?

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