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    Kim Possible Beanbag and Plush Doll Pix

    The KP beanbag doll, with Kim in her mission clothes, is one of the first items of KP merchandise I bought, along with the first version of the KP soundtrack on CD in July of 2003. She has a hard plastic head, and a cloth body filled with tiny beads of some sort – hence the name “beanbag doll.” She and the CD were bought at my local Wal-Mart.

    The beanbag doll of Ron I chanced upon in a Toys-R-Us store one day. I went in, just looking to see if they had any new KP merchandise, when I caught a glimpse of something on a lower display shelf, pushed towards the back. I reached in and pulled it out, only to discover it was Ron, dressed in his school clothes (red-and-white jersey over black undershirt, khaki pants and white shoes)! Another beanbag doll!
    I didn’t see a price tag on the doll, but there was one of those plastic tag-holders stuck in it without a tag (the T-shaped gizmos mostly used to connect price tags to clothes) so I assumed it had been played with in the store until the price tag got torn off, then shoved back into the bottom of the shelf by some child. So I took it up to the cashier, explained how I found it to her, then asked how much it cost. She managed to do a price check on the doll, and informed me that it cost only $5.00. So I purchased it and took it home. The doll was in good condition, except for a little dirt on its head, but that was quickly remedied with a cloth dipped in some mild, soapy water.
    The “Boo Ya Rufus” beanbag doll was purchased in a Wal-Mart, if memory serves me correctly. He’s part of the same line of dolls as the KP and Ron dolls are, from Pop Rocket Toys.

    The 9” tall Rufus plush toy was another Disney Store exclusive – I bought him there for $14.50 (US), as you can see from the photo of the tags.
    The KP plush doll was also bought at a Disney Store – she’s the biggest plush doll, measuring some 15” tall. She’s wearing a green backpack, as is the much smaller KP plush keychain doll, also purchased at the Disney Store. That doll’s about 2 ½ - 3” tall, not counting the keychain clip she’s attached to.
    The KP beanbag doll in her school clothes was a real find! I chanced upon her in a bin of plush dolls and stuffed animals in a Big Lots store in Columbus, Ohio. As you can see, she’s brand-new, with the tag still attached. And she only cost me $1.00! Talk about your bargains….
    Her head is made of a softer plastic than that of the KP mission-clothes beanbag doll is; it’s more flexible, and you can squeeze it with your hand. Apparently, they decided to make the plastic softer so a child could take the doll to bed and not hurt herself if she rolled over on it in the middle of the night.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kim Possible Fan View Post
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    Oh gosh, I have this doll. Got her from Wally World. Best $5 ever spent in my whole life. She has been kept next to my bedpillow for the last 14 years.

    Once upon a time, maybe 2003, Equity Marketing (Pop Rocket) displayed some prototype Beanpossibles on their website. One was Kim wearing her Mad Dog cheer uniform, and another was Ron in his Bueno Nacho uniform.

    Not sure what happened, but I never saw those versions anyplace for sale. I really, really wish I had taken a screen capture of those prototype toys while the images were on site.

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