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    Kim Possible Book Pix

    Most, if not all, of my KP books were purchased at my local Borders bookstore. I found them in the children’s section over time.

    All of the episode adaptations, as well as the “Pick A Villain” series; “Code Word: Kim” puzzle book; and “The Kim Possible Files” were published for Disney Press by Volo Publishing. Each episode adaptation cost $3.99 (upper left-hand corner of the back cover).
    The “Badical Boxed Set” contains the first four book adaptations of the series’ episodes: “Bueno Nacho”; “The New Ron”; “Showdown at Camp Wannaweep”; and “Downhill.” I already had copies of those books when I bought this; however, I bought it anyway because it’s a KP collectible in its own right (only KP boxed set I’ve ever seen). That, plus the free refrigerator magnet tucked inside the box along with the books made the purchase worthwhile.
    “Attack of the Killer Bebes” is, of course, adapted from the episode of the same name. The cover art features an illustration of Kim and a Bebe robot glaring at each other in a confrontational pose. This may have been drawn expressly for this book cover, or it could have been promotional art for the episode which we’ve never seen before. (Story adapted by Jim Pascoe.)
    The individual copy of “Bueno Nacho” featured a nice surprise – a free collector’s card inside! There are four in all: one of Kim; one of Ron; there’s a card for Rufus; and even one for Wade. They feature that plastic “lens” on the top layer that, when you move the card in your hand, the shifting angle reveals one of two different pictures. I’m not sure what that’s called; I only know they’ve been selling those things since I was a child. (Story adapted by Kiki Thorpe.)

    “Cloned” is the adaptation of the episode “Kimitation Nation.” Again, the cover art looks like a promotional drawing of Kim, set against a green-and-blue background meant to simulate a computer monitor full of letter-and-number code combinations. The refrigerator magnet I mentioned has the same background in its design layout. (Story adapted by Jacqueline Ching.)
    “Downhill” is, of course, adapted from the ep of the same name. This individual volume had another of those multi-view collector cards as a free gift. (Story adapted by Jasmine Jones.)
    “Extreme” is adapted from “All the News,” featuring everyone’s favorite stunt fraud, Adrena-Lynn. ( F-r-reaky!!) (Story adapted by Marc Cerasini.)
    “Grudge Match” is adapted from “Pain King vs. Cleopatra.” (Story adapted by Marc Cerasini.)
    “Killigan’s Island” is adapted from “Number One,” where we meet Will Du and his super-secret spy organization, Global Justice. We’re also introduced to Duff Killigan, “the world’s most dangerous golfer,” as he likes to call himself. (Story adapted byJim Pascoe.)
    “Monkey Business” is an adaptation of “Monkey Fist Strikes.” (Story adapted by Marc Cerasini.)
    “Royal Pain” is adapted from the episode of the same name. I think the picture on the cover of Kim grimacing as she points over her shoulder at Prince Wally was specifically commissioned for this book, as I don’t recall seeing such an illustration anywhere else. (Story adapted by Jasmine Jones.)
    “Showdown at Camp Wannaweep” is adapted from “Sink or Swim.” The individual copy I bought was another book with a free collector card inside. (Story adapted by Kiki Thorpe.)
    “The New Ron” – again, adapted from the episode of the same name. This one also had a free collector card inside. (Story adapted by Kiki Thorpe.)
    “Tweeb Trouble” is adapted from “The Twin Factor.” The cover art looks like promotional art I’ve seen elsewhere, recycled and modified for use on this book. (Story adapted by Scott Ciencin.)
    “Code Word: Kim” contains puzzles and riddles for the reader to solve, supposedly to help Kim crack Dr. Drakken’s evil code so she can save the world. This one cost $3.99. (Author: Irene Trimble.)
    “The Kim Possible Files” is a 9” by 11 ½” paperback, released early on in the series’ run. It contains a lot of stills from the first season, as well as some promotional artwork drawn for the show. This art is used to illustrate the text, which is a “letter” from Kim to her fans, telling the reader all about her life as a student and cheerleader at Middleton High as well as her after-school world-saving activities. This cost $6.99. (Author: Rich Mintzer.)
    You can tell it’s from the first season because she says her first mission started after she got an anonymous e-mail asking for her help. And in both “A Sitch in Time” and “Team Impossible,” Kim says her first mission was to help Mr. Paisley get out of the McHenry laser grid he installed - and accidentally activated - to protect his prized collection of Cuddle Buddy stuffed animals.
    There are four “Pick AVillain” books – “Badical Battles” (Author: Jim Pascoe); “Game On” (Author: Scott Ciencin); “Masters of Mayhem” (Author: Scott Ciencin); “So Not the Drama.” (Author: Acton Figueroa). These are books in which the reader can, by turning to certain numbered pages for each story, “choose” what actions Kim can take in battling different villains, and so determine the outcome of that story – win or lose. I put them aside after I made the wrong choice in one story and sent Kim on a one-way trip into outer space…
    These books each cost $3.99.
    I purchased three KP coloring books, all published by Bendon Publishing International in Ashland, Ohio. The first one, a coloring and activity book with a green and purple-pink cover, has eight crayons in a plastic blister attached to its front cover – red, yellow, blue, orange, green, purple, khaki (I think), and black.
    The second one, a sticker and activity book with a purple and red-orange cover, features a pull-out poster bound in its center along with two pages of large stickers (smallest at least 1” tall). I actually own two copies of this book – I bought the second one so I could use the stickers, and put the poster up on my wall. I’ve included a photo of that poster in this folder.
    The third, a crayon and marker activity book with a red-orange and purple cover, has two pages of smaller stickers bound in its center (stickers are 1” or less in height).
    I bought all of these books at my local Walgreen’s, for $1.99 each.
    The Cine-Manga books, which are essentially comic-book style adaptations of certain episodes using actual animation artwork, were published for Disney by Tokyopop Publishing. There are seven that I know about and own; supposedly there’s an eighth volume out but I have yet to find it. I suspect I may have to visit the publisher’s website to try and find Vol. 8 (if it even exists). These each cost $7.99.

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