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    Buildable Kim Possible Figures

    These were ordered off in late February, 2008.

    The six buildable figures were manufactured by Tomy, a well-known toy manufacturer (several of our forum’s members have mentioned purchasing these from vending machines in their local supermarkets) . You have to assemble each one, putting the peg in the figure’s top half into its corresponding socket in the bottom half. I had to use glue on three of the figures, because the pegs fit into their sockets a little too loosely. Drakken, Kim in her school clothes, and Rufus each required a little glue to hold them firmly together. I used a glue called “Aileen’s Tacky Glue” to join them. It comes out white like Elmer’s Glue, but dries clear. It also holds a lot better – and joins more diferent surfaces – than Elmer’s does. And, it’s less permanent – and less risky – than Krazy Glue! I’m not too fond of gluing my fingers together…

    Kim in her mission clothes, Ron cringing, and Shego all went together without needing any glue. They’re each about an inch and a half tall (maybe a little taller than that), but are incredibly detailed for their size.
    BTW, I just love the pose Ron’s in, and the expression on his face. If that’s not in keeping with his character, someone please tell me what is!
    Like the six-figure playset, I had these on display on top of my computer monitor for a while.

    Name:  Buildable Drakken Back Side.jpg
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    Name:  Buildable Drakken Front Side.jpg
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    Name:  Buildable Kim Mission Clothes Back Side.jpg
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    Name:  Buildable Kim Mission Clothes Front Side.jpg
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