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Thread: Kim Possible Happy Meal Toys

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    Quote Originally Posted by kyojikasshu View Post
    Need shots of that grappling-hook Ron figure after he's fired...
    You know, I didn't think to take pix of Ron post-firing...sorry 'bout that!
    Anyway, my collection's in storage right now, and what with my moving to a smaller cubicle, plus other "real life" challenges I'm currently facing, I wouldn't have time to dig stuff out for any further photo shoots.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kim Possible Fan View Post

    Just got one of these, like 15 years late.
    Took her out of the baggie which is a sin for collections? WHat fun are toys if you can't play?

    I will hang her on the Xmas tree.

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    Looks good, BB!
    "Say the Word"

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