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Thread: Kim Possible Happy Meal Toys

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    Kim Possible Happy Meal Toys

    I was able to get five of the six Happy Meal toys simply by going to McDonald’s restaurants in my area and buying a Happy Meal. The only one I was unable to get from McDonald’s was Drakken’s helicopter, and I had to order that on-line through a website that specializes in selling fast-food toys and premiums. I’m lucky I bought it when I did, because I went back to that site several weeks after I got the helicopter, and discovered that they no longer had any KP Happy Meal toys. They were all sold out by then.

    I’m including multiple angles of each figure, so you can see the detailing on each one – the face on the Shego figure is just amazing, since it looks so much like the cartoon character!
    Each toy still works – the helicopter’s main rotors turn when you pull down the hook on the end of the line and release it. The spring-loaded pulley inside retracts the line while the rotors are turning.
    Lord Monkey Fist has a spring-loaded left arm. You put the little cardboard monkey-ninja cut-outs in his hand, pull down and release. His arm springs up, tossing the ninja monkeys over his shoulder.

    You rotate the little thumb wheel in the base of the Shego figure, and she spins around to deliver a fast kick to her opponent. The figure also detaches from the base for additional play options.
    Press a little button on Kim’s jet pack, and her wings spring up into flight position. Flip a switch, then press the same button that releases the wings, and the flame coming out of her jet pack lights up. I tried it while taking these pictures, and it still works!
    The rollerblade Kim is poseable – her arms and legs bend at the shoulders, elbows and knees. Her torso swivels at the waist; and her head can turn from side to side. She can also roll around on her rollerblades.
    The Ron figure fires a grappling hook from a spring-loaded gun, and the line attached to the hook yanks his pants off, just like it did outside Mr. Nakasumi’s game factory in “Crush.”
    When you lift the “screen” up on the Kimmunicator toy, you’ll find a blank slate on which you can write secret messages with a magnetic “pen.” You can also erase those messages by rubbing the “pen” across the back of the screen. It really doesn’t work very well, as the messages come out very faint no matter how hard you write. But it is a fairly good replica of the Kimmunicator, and a child can easily use it to make believe he/she is talking to Wade while helping Kim and Ron save the world.
    The Rufus figure is basically a rubber squeeze toy. I don’t know if that’s what its designers intended it to be, but there’s a small hole in the bottom of the figure, and when you squeeze it the air runs out of Rufus with a low-pitched “squeak.” It still makes a cute desktop mascot, though.
    I’ve also included photos of the KP Happy Meal box itself. The KP artwork only appears on three sides; the fourth panel contains an ad for orange juice.

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    Need shots of that grappling-hook Ron figure after he's fired...

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