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    Miscellaneous Kim Possible Items

    I’ve also found several different types of KP sticker sets sold by Hallmark. The first set, of which I have two packages, has eight stickers to a sheet set against a striped green background. The stickers on this sheet are variations of the ones in the coloring books, in that they use some of the same character poses against different backgrounds. There are two sheets of stickers in each package, and they are part of Hallmark’s “Party Express” line of stickers.
    Another Hallmark item is a set of "Glow-in-the-dark" KP stickers, purchased at a local Hallmark store. It's from their "Stickeroni" product line, and it costs $1.99 a package. Each package measures 3" x 7 3/4", and contains two sheets of six stickers. The stickers contain the original promotional artwork done at the beginning of the series: Kim and Ron exploring the monkey temple; Kim and Ron back-to-back in a control room; Kim and Ron hanging on a rope ladder that's dangling from a helicopter that Drakken's flying; Kim parachuting in while Ron loses his pants (the large snow globe is based on this design); and Kim delivering a karate kick outside a monkey temple. Oh, yes - and one of Kim crouching outside a snow-covered lodge, which looks suspiciously like the Middleton hotel seen in "Attack of the Killer Bebes" and "The Full Monkey," only its image is reversed, the artists added snow and obscured the writing on the hotel's sign when they colored it green. (The sheets of stickers are the same size as the “Party Express” ones, also.)

    I have two KP calendars for 2005. The first one has a pic of Kim on its cover: “Cheerleader by day - Crimestopper by night.” This pic is set against an orange grid background. The back cover has small samples of each calendar page’s illustration, set against the same orange grid background as the front. These pics are all promotional art from the beginning of the series.

    The second one has more promo art of Kim on its cover – a large close-up of her in her mission clothes and smiling while striking a martial-arts combat pose; and a small one of Kim in her cheer outfit, waving her pompons and smiling. The back has samples of each page’s art, just like the other calendar. This artwork is more promotional stuff : close-ups of each of the main characters. There are six of Kim; three of Ron; and one each of Rufus, Wade, and Drakken.

    There’s also a set of KP tableware – a bowl; a small drinking glass; and a cup with a lid that has a flexible tube in it for sipping drinks from.
    The bowl is 5 ½” diameter across its outer lip (actual width of bowl is 5”), and stands about 1 ½” tall. It’s made of white plastic, with an image of Kim in her cheer outfit in a circle at its bottom.
    The glass is 4 ¼” tall, and 2 ½” inches wide at the top. The glass is molded out of a transparent greenish-blue plastic, with images of Kim and Ron (again, standard promo art) printed on its sides.
    The “straw cup,” as I call it, stands 5 ¾” tall with the lid on, and 5 ½” tall without. It’s molded out of a transparent green plastic, with a wrap-around picture showing Drakken, Ron, Kim ,and Shego on the outside. It measures 2 5/16” diameter at its base, but flares out to 3 ¼” at the top. The straw, made of orange plastic, measures 10” in length, and is permanently attached to the lid, which is molded out of a purple plastic. The length of straw inside the cup (about 5 ¼” inches) is narrower (5/16”) than the outside part (1/2”) , which bends for drinking, and is 4 7/8” long. The bowl and the glass are listed as dishwasher safe (bowl goes in the top rack only!); but are not recommended for use in the microwave. Neither is the straw cup; nor is it to be used by children under 3 years old.
    I bought two sets of these off the internet: one to keep for the collection, and one for everyday use by me. However, the set for everyday use got stuffed into my closet where I forgot about it until I started this project! Oh, well…

    I purchased a KP zippered 3-ring binder, whose cover could be embroidered with the owner’s name if so desired! So I had my intials embroidered on mine (didn’t cost extra). The embroidery is put on the velcro flap that closes over the whole binder on its right side. After opening that flap, you unzip the binder itself, which opens to reveal a three-ring binding mechanism attached to the spine, and a cloth pocket inside the front cover. The cover artwork shows a stock pose of Kim in her cheer outfit, waving her pompons against a blue and white, star-spangled background. This was bought from Disney.com’s on-line store.

    I also have two KP beach towels. The first shows Kim posing in a yellow tank top and blue capris against a mostly pink background. The second shows Kim in her mission clothes against a two-tone swirly pink backdrop. The mission-clothes towel comes with a free beach ball; I still have it but didn’t pull it out to inflate it (sorry, guys). It’s still in a plastic bag, tucked inside the cardboard label the towel’s attached to. I bought both at my local Disney store.

    KP also appeared on a box of Cap’n Crunch cereal! I bought a box; don’t remember if I ate the cereal (probably not), but I kept the packaging for my collection. The front artwork shows Kim and Ron dangling from a rope ladder under Drakken’s helicopter; it’s cut and pasted to fit in alongside Cap’n Crunch and his bowl of cereal. The back panel shows two puzzles for the reader to work out to help Kim shut down Drakken’s ray before he freezes the Caribbean – one involves finding a hidden set of keys; the other determining which of Ron’s several tangled ropes will reach the helicopter. The side panel advertises a contest whose grand prize was a seven-day, six-night trip to the Caribbean; with 100 first prizes being the KP “Drakken’s Demise” game and a Game Boy Advance SP gaming system. Kim and Ron also appeared on the bottom and top panels of the box.

    I also have a KP lamp! This lamp stands 14 ½” tall, with a 9” diameter pink lampshade (yes; it’s that same color that ‘chutes once described as “pink Barbie yuck!”). The lamp’s body is sculpted to resemble a cloud-wrapped mountain peak upon which Kim and Rufus are climbing.The pull string to activate the lamp has a little ceramic figure of Rufus hanging on its end; he serves as the “knob” you grab when turning the light on. Kim is on the opposite side of the “mountain peak,” rappelling down its side. This was also purchased through Disney.com.

    One day after work back in 2004-05, I stopped at a local gas station/convenience store to refuel my car. After paying the cashier for my gas, I wandered around the store to see what snacks were for sale. In the candy aisle, I discovered a display of KP “Pocket Pop” cylindrical lollipops, so I bought one! The whole thing – cylinder and figure – stands about five inches tall. The figure of Kim serves as the handle for the lollipop while you’re eating the candy. The cylinder covering the candy’s about ¾” in diameter. Kim’s wearing her cheer uniform and kneeling while waving her pompons. And there’s a surprising amount of detail on the figure, which is fairly well-painted. I’ve included pix from several angles to show you that detail. The lollipop was raspberry-flavored, but I never ate it. I had it in my desk drawer for so long, I began to doubt that the candy was still OK. So I removed the candy and threw it out, thoroughly cleaning the handle and cover.

    In addition to the stickers, Hallmark also put out several KP birthday cards! I have two; both purchased at a Dominick’s grocery store (local chain).
    The first one has Kim posing in a combat crouch and smiling on a pink glittery cover. Inside is a fill-in-the-blanks word game for the birthday girl to fill out, as well as a very affirmative birthday message. There’s also a pic of Kim inside, showing her dressed in school clothes. It’s not full-color, though; it’s in black, white, and shades of pink. The back of the card shows a smaller full-color pic of Kim in her mission clothes, in an athletic-type crouch (and surrounded by more glitter).
    The second card shows Kim in a standard pose, waving her pompons against a blue, purple and green background of Middleton High’s football stadium. The same image of Kim appears on the inside of the card along with the message, only it’s been flipped horizontally so she faces the left-hand edge of the card (BTW, the front image is the one that’s backward – check out which side Kim’s hair is parted on that one)!

    Disney.com also sold a KP “Storybook” ornament set. This has six figures, in the same poses as the ones from the playset, only slightly taller and with no bases to stand on. The six figures in the set are Rufus; Ron in his school clothes; Drakken; Shego; Kim in her mission clothes, and Kim in her cheer outfit. The set comes packaged in a box made to look like a storybook that measures about 12” long; 10” wide; and about 5-6” thick. Each figure has a little brass loop in its head, to which is attached a small gold cord for hanging each ornament on one’s Christmas tree.

    I also have the KP “Top Secret Diary.” This features an electronic chip that, when you insert the key (a plastic ring shaped like a flower, attached to the green plastic “hand” on the diary’s cover), a recording of Kim’s voice plays, saying either “What’s the sitch?” or “So not the drama!” The electronics run on two “AAA” batteries (not included). The plastic “hand” serves as the cover to a storage compartment, where the owner can store small goodies. Inside the diary, which has three plastic hooks for holding pages of 3-ring notebook paper, is another storage compartment, also locked with the “flower”-ring key (you also get a spare ring in case the first one gets lost). There’s also a narrow slot for storing a pen or pencil inside.
    The diary also comes with an instruction sheet for using it; a small pad of note paper bearing pictures of Kim and Ron as well as the phrase, “What’s the Sitch?”; a door hanger that says “Come on in!” on one side with Kim and Ron shown, while the other shows Drakken and Shego with the message, “Not now - not ever (in other words, keep out)!”; a sheet of character stickers that can be colored; an ink pad with Kim’s picture on the cover, so the owner can sign her notes with her thumbprint; four felt-tip markers: blue, black, orange, and yellow; and one of those “fortune-teller” cut-out-and-fold thingies girls make in grade school –this one has pix of KP characters on it. I’ve included scans I previously made of the door hanger; note pad; fortune-teller thingy; and stickers for clarity, in addition to the pix I took with my camera. I bought this at a Wal-Mart store.

    I also bought on-line a KP “Twist & Twirl” straw. It’s purple plastic, about 8” long, and pulls the liquid through four spirals before reaching the drinker’s mouth. I think I paid under $2.00 for this, and if memory serves, I bought it at the same time I bought the KP bowl, glass and straw cup.

    I also have two boxes of KP valentines - 32 fold & seal cards with heart-shaped seals in each box. There are eight card designs in the box, which means you get four of each design. Those I found at my local Walgreen’s for $1.99 a box.

    I found a KP wallet at my local Disney Store. This is a standard-sized wallet that zips shut, and has a windowed pocket inside for putting an ID card, as well as a place for the money. The outside is plastic, featuring Kim in her cheer outfit waving her pompons (again!), along with the phrase, “She can do anything.” Kim’s standing in front of a blue-and-yellow background, and the wallet is made of blue cloth with yellow cloth trim around its edges. It has a yellow plastic spring-loaded clip attached to the zipper by a key ring.

    I found a KP wristwatch at the Disney Store, so I picked that up as well. The watch itself is round and colored purple, with a blue-and-yellow wristband that shows Kim in her pink capris and white “heart” top, along with the phrase “I can do anything.” The face of the watch shows Kim in her cheer oufit, waving her pompons while leaping in the air. The buckle of the strap is also colored purple. It has a LCD digital display, and the watch is currently not functioning. I don’t remember if it was running when I bought it. If it was, and the battery has died, I’m afraid to open it in order to get the battery out due to the corrosion inside from the battery acid.

    In 2005, Disney Channel and the YMCA sponsored “Healthy Kids’ Day” to be observed that April 2. To promote this, Disney printed up a poster featuring KP, and advertising the premiere of “So the Drama” on Friday, April 8. The poster gives suggestions on how kids can stay healthy by keeping active; each one illustrated with artwork of Kim, her family and friends – even Drakken and Shego are featured! They were giving these away for free at my local YMCA, so I stopped by and picked up two copies.

    Disney Store sold a zippered pencil bag, and matching zippered wallet as part of their “Back to School” promotion one fall. The pencil bag is purplish-red, white, and blue in color, with blue cloth trim around its edges. One side, made of plastic, has Kim in her cheer outfit waving her pompons, while the other side is just purplish-red cloth. The wallet is similar in construction to the yellow-and-blue one I mentioned earlier, only it’s the same color scheme as the pencil bag and has a pic of Kim on its other side wearing a yellow tank top and blue capris, with the phrase, “So not the drama.” This wallet has a red clip attached to its zipper with a key ring.

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