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    Other Kim Possible Related Dolls

    I have a total of 22 dolls of Kim and her friends in my collection – fashion dolls, as well as the mini-dolls in various sets (that includes the mini-dolls of Kim and Ron in the “3 Adventures of Kim Possible” playset). I also have two poseable dolls of Kim and Ron with magnetic hands and feet, and one “Wigglin’ Rufus” bobble doll.
    I bought a “Club Banana Kim” fashion doll at a local Wal-Mart. The doll, about 10” tall, comes dressed in Kim’s white top with the pink heart on front, and pink pants with white shoes. It also comes with a military-style outfit for Kim to wear on missions – camoflaged pants; a two-tone green top with pockets on front (pockets, I think, are fake); and a pair of brown shoes. There’s also a purple plastic hair brush which actually works – I know, because I took the doll out of the packaging once and tried to brush her hair so it would hang in a point down the back the way Kim’s does on the show. Very difficult to do! Of all the KP fashion dolls I own, I think this one’s face bears the closest resemblance to the cartoon character than any of them. Although the expression on this doll’s face also reminds me somewhat of the actress Claire Danes.

    One of the mini-doll sets is called “Fast Food Amigos,” featuring dolls of Kim and Ron in their Bueno Nacho work uniforms. In addition to the dolls, the set also comes with two Bueno Nacho drinks; two tacos; a food tray; a plate of nachos; a Bueno Nacho menu, and a hair brush. I believe I got this at Wal-Mart, too.

    Another mini-doll set features Kim and Josh Mankey (no, Ron, not “monkey!”), and it’s called “ First Date.” Kim comes dressed in a blue and black-striped long-sleeve blouse and a white skirt with a dark sash (belt?) tied around her waist. Josh is wearing a dark blue shirt, light blue-gray pants, and gray shoes. Accessories with this set include Kim’s purse; a bouquet of flowers; a container of popcorn; two drinks; two movie tickets; a tray; and, of course, a hair brush (what doll set wouldn’t be sold without that?). I don’t remember where I got this at the moment.

    There are two mini-doll sets featuring Kim and Bonnie! The first one has Bonnie wearing her cheer uniform, while Kim’s dressed in a black long-sleeved blouse and red skirt with brown shoes. The set also includes an extra outfit for each doll – Kim gets her white top with the pink heart on it, along with her pink pants and white shoes. Bonnie gets a blue ensemble – light blue sleeveless top with a white star on the front; dark blue pants and a pair of blue shoes.

    The second set has Kim in her mission clothes, while Bonnie’s wearing a purple-and-pink outfit. Each doll in this set also gets a sleeveless top and short skirt to wear, along with matching shoes. I just noticed in the photo that something’s missing in the package, to the left of the Kim doll – judging by how messed-up Kim’s hair is, I believe I may have opened this package to try and brush the hair on this doll – the empty slot is most likely for the hair brush, which is probably lying on the bottom of the box, out of sight. Oh, well….
    (Is there some unwritten rule in the toy industry that says every doll sold has to have a little plastic hair brush in its box? Or am I just missing something obvious due to my lack of familiarity with dolls and other girls’ toys? Anyway, the rest of the fashion dolls and mini-doll sets each come with a hair brush, so I’m not going to mention that anymore when I list the accessories.)
    Whoever did the sculpting on the dolls’ faces really got Bonnie’s face right – she has that sullen expression we’ve seen so many times on the show! Too bad they couldn’t get Kim’s face done as accurately on these mini-dolls.

    Monique even made it into a mini-doll set! She appears with Kim in the “Shopping Friends” set. Monique’s wearing a pale green blouse with a white skirt and white shoes. She has a pair of green sunglasses on her forehead. Kim’s dressed in a pinkish top, blue capris, and white shoes. She has a pink pair of sunglasses on her forehead. Kim’s also got a pink purse with white shoulder strap, while Monique has two Club Banana shopping bags. Other accessories include two credit cards; a Club Banana purse; and a cell phone.

    The same guy who sold me the buildable figures and cell phone charms also sold me a “Club Banana” accessory set for the KP fashion dolls! The set includes Kim’s green sleeveless tank top, blue capris, and white shoes. It also includes a brown plastic backpack; a purple “mission viewer” (binoculars?) with the KP logo on the side; and Kim’s blow-dryer grappling gun.

    Another Disney Store exclusive was the KP cheerleader doll, sold in a red box labeled “Our Family Tree” one year around Christmas time. Kim, in her cheer outfit (of course), is holding two gold pompons – one in each hand. I bought two of these; one for my collection, and one for the charity toy drive my employer was holding that holiday season. After donating the second doll, I felt all “warm and fuzzy” knowing I was giving some impoverished little girl the gift of Kim Possible for Christmas.

    Disney Store also sold the exact same doll in another box, along with a second outfit – Kim’s mission clothes from the first three seasons! It’s on a cardboard cut-out form to the left of the doll, and the form even has Kim’s head on it, so it looks (somewhat) as if Kim in her mission clothes, is standing next to cheerleader Kim. Look closely and you’ll notice that the package is printed in English and French; presumably this doll was marketed in both the U.S. and Canada.

    The KP “Kick & Cheer” doll I found at a Wal-Mart. This doll is supposed to do kicks and flips when you attach her to the toy megaphone and press the trigger. The megaphone also plays recorded quotes, supposedly of Kim, saying such lines as, “Let’s go, Mad Dogs!” “Come on team, pom poms up!” and “Mad Dogs, kick ‘em high!” I say “supposedly,” because when I pressed the button while photographing this toy, I noticed that the female voice coming out of the megaphone sounded too high-pitched to be Christy Romano’s. Of course, I could be wrong about that, and CCR’s voice could have gotten distorted somewhat in the process of recording and mass-producing these things, but I’m just not sure that the voice I heard was actually Christy’s. Accessories with this toy – besides the megaphone, of course – include two red-yellow-and-blue pompons for the doll to hold, as well as a Middleton High letter jacket one can dress the doll in.

    I also have the two poseable magnet dolls of Kim and Ron. Each doll is 10” tall, and has magnetic hands and feet. The arms and legs are extremely bendable, allowing you to bend then into just about any pose while attaching them to a metal surface (refrigerator; file cabinet; pot-bellied stove; the inside of a locker door, etc.). Each doll also comes with a metal base that has the KP logo on it, so you can stand it up on a non-metallic surface if you like.
    I found both of these in a Kay-Bee toy store in a local mall; I don’t remember offhand how much I paid for them. I’ve got the Kim doll on display in my room; the Ron doll’s still in its packaging.

    Another fashion doll in my collection is the “School Spirit Kim.” This doll comes with two outfits: the light green sleeveless top, blue capris, and white shoes (doll’s wearing this); and a modified “mission” suit: black sleeveless top; khaki pants with brown utility belt; and brown shoes. Other accessories include a red notebook and a Kimmunicator.

    Then there’s the “Shopping Avenger Kim” fashion doll. She comes wearing a red sleeveless top that has a white flower pattern on it, and an almost ankle-length “blue-jean”-type skirt. Her extra outfit is another copy of the Season 1-3 mission outfit – top; cargo pants with utility belt; shoes; and even a Kimmunicator. This I got at a Toys-R-Us, if I recall correctly.

    I was driving home from a friend’s house one Sunday, and there was a Toys-R-Us in a mall on the way. So I stopped in and browsed through the doll section. I found the KP “Mission to Dance” fashion doll. This doll comes in a beautiful knee-length gown with a frilly hem, as well as an all-black body suit with bright green bandoliers and utility belt for Kim to wear on missions (think of the “stealth suit” without the hood). Accessories for this doll include high-heeled shoes, a purse, and a scarf (made of the same material as the dress’s hem) to drape around Kim’s shoulders. The doll is wearing a necklace, which I’m presuming can be removed when changing Kim into her mission clothes; and the mission outfit comes with a pair of brown knee-high boots and a Kimmunicator.

    I found the “Middleton High Cheerleader” mini-doll on a bargain table outside a Toys-R-Us one summer afternoon. This has Kim in her cheer outfit, along with her green top, blue capris, and white shoes. Also included are a pair of purple-red-and-yellow MHS sweat pants to dress the doll in, as well as a pair of yellow pompons.

    I also have the “Middleton Museum Caper” mini-doll set. It features Kim and Ron in their mission clothes. Accessories for this set are: a set of head jewels: two bracelet cuff jewels; an Egyptian staff; a secret jewel decoder; and a necklace.

    And I have one of the KP “bobble” dolls. This one’s the “Wigglin’ Rufus” doll. Rufus is wearing a sombrero and a Bueno Nacho necktie, and is standing on a yellow base while holding a set of brown rattles. When you shake him, his head wiggles in all directions. I think I got him at a Kay-Bee toy store, too – I don’t remember, though.


    I finally got a KP bobble doll to go with my "Wigglin' Rufus!" I bought it on-line from a lady out east back in December, 2013. The doll is 7 1/4 inches tall, from the base to the top of her head. Kim is wearing her first-season cheer uniform, and is standing with her hands on her hips while holding a pompon in each hand. She wiggles from her hips, like those Hawaiian "hula dolls" we've all seen on TV, either in some truck driver's cab or on the dashboard of some unsavory character's car.

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    Got the Disney Store KP many years ago from Ebay used. Not sure which variation I have (no box). Can't. Comb. Her. Hair! It takes forever, and the results are not good. Probably not fun for the dolly either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beaglebub View Post
    Got the Disney Store KP many years ago from Ebay used. Not sure which variation I have (no box). Can't. Comb. Her. Hair! It takes forever, and the results are not good. Probably not fun for the dolly either.
    You're a gonna have to hunt yourself out a 10-year-old girl for advice in this matter!
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