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    Kim Possible Toys and Games

    The first item here is the ultimate mini-doll set – the “3Adventures of Kim Possible” playset. It comes with mini-dolls of Kim in her mission clothes, and Ron in his school clothes (red & white shirt over black undershirt; khaki pants and white sneakers). It also has a little figure of Rufus – same scale as the mini-dolls, of course. It features a three-sided backdrop to allow the child to play with Kim and Ron in a trio of adventures – one at Middleton High; another in the jungle; and the third in the monkey temple. Along with the dolls and backdrops are over 30 accessory items for each adventure. There are a scooter that Kim and Ron can ride on; a set of pompons; a megaphone; lockers; a clock; a Kimmunicator; a laptop computer; cell phone; notebook; book; pen; pencil; comb; compact; lipstick; lip gloss; suntan lotion; sunglasses; hair brush; compass watch; grappling hook; a fake campfire for the jungle scene and even a marshmallow/hot dog stick for roasting said items over the campfire. There’s also a sleeping bag; a tiki god figure, and a monkey idol. Kim even gets a complete cheer uniform she can change into for the Midleton High adventure.
    This is easily the most elaborate KP playset of my collection. It holds lots of items to play with, and the three settings – school, jungle, monkey temple – can spark a child’s imagination, allowing her to take Kim and Ron on all sorts of adventures. She can even use the other mini-dolls – Josh, Monique, and Bonnie – with this playset for even more adventures.
    This one was purchased at a local Wal-Mart.

    There’s also a Disney Channel “Monopoly Junior” board game – players can “own” pieces of the Disney Channel while they play. They can use the Monopoly money to buy and sell Disney Channel shows, like “Kim Possible,” “That’s So Raven,” “Hannah Montana,” “Phineas and Ferb,” or “High School Musical.” It’s made by Parker Brothers, creator of the original Monopoly game, so it shares many of that game’s features. Although this is not strictly a KP merchandise item, I included it in my collection because, like the Disney holiday DVD, it features KP in it. I also bought this at Wal-Mart.
    I also found a pair of working walkie-talkies that look just like the Kimmunicator! They’re packaged as a set, and each one requires a 9-volt transistor radio battery (not included) to operate. The packaging claims the units give off the Kimmunicator’s distinctive four-note “beep” when activated, too. These were purchased at my local Wal-Mart as well.

    Milton Bradley, a giant in the world of board games, even made a KP game! I had to order this on-line (I forget what website I got it from – sorry!), and it was shipped to my home via mail. The object of the game is for each player to find all the items on his/her “mission card” as quickly as they can, while avoiding being blocked or stopped by the other players. Once they’ve found all the items, each player can then hunt for Dr. Drakken. First player to capture him wins. According to the box, the game features both beginner and advanced rules.

    An ARA forum member named “notatu” told me about a Disney Store exclusive due to be released in December of 2004 - a set of four KP nesting dolls. These are based on the traditional Russian nesting dolls, which open up to allow a smaller doll to nest inside, only the KP ones are made of plastic instead of carved from wood. There are four in the set – largest one has Kim in her cheer outfit; second largest has Kim in mission clothes, followed by Ron in his mission outfit and then one with Rufus. The Rufus doll, being the smallest, fits inside the Ron doll, which goes inside the KP mission doll which then goes into the cheer doll.
    When I went to my local Disney Store to buy a set, the manager on duty told me that they weren’t due to be released until the next day, but she went into her back room and came out with a set for me. Naturally, I bought the set, which cost $14.50. The close-up shot of the package label shows it’s written in English and French – indicating, like on the Kim doll’s package, that this item was also sold in Canada as well as the U.S.
    I also bought a KP “Save The World Kit.” This is packaged in a cardboard box that’s cleverly designed to look like Kim’s hall locker inside and out – including the ventilation slots in the door, as well as the “Wanted” posters of Drakken and Shego taped to the inside! The kit includes a book of coded messages to be solved; that has a blue cover with a picture of Kim on it, looking at her Kimmunicator, and is titled “Mission Kim Possible.” There’s also a decoder to crack those codes - it looks like the Kimmunicator, complete with a picture of Wade on the screen, but has a notched wheel you turn to decode the messages. The wheel rotates so that the code symbol on each message appears in a little window to the left of Wade’s head, and the letter of the alphabet that symbol stands for is in a window to the right. The kit also has a pair of sunglasses with mirrors taped in their outside corners (actually, just shiny silver tape that doesn’t reflect clearly); and an iron-on patch featuring Rufus.

    I bought two “Top Secret Listening Kits” – one simply had the listening device, which looks like a flip-open cell phone, an earplug for listening, and a pair of sunglasses. The other had those items, plus a message pad and “secret lipstick pen” as a bonus. The listening device, which uses two “AAA” batteries (not included), is supposed to amplify sounds from far away so the child using the toy can hear them clearly. And the sunglasses have those “mirrors” installed (like the ones in the Save The World Kit) so she can see who or what’s behind her.

    The three talking figures – “Rocket Ron Adventures” featuring Ron; “School Day Adventures” and “Snowboarding Adventures” each featuring Kim, were bought in that Kay-Bee toy store I mentioned earlier. I think I paid $4.50 for each one.
    The “Rocket Ron” figure has a winged jet pack that attaches to his backpack, and comes with a miniature Kimmunicator. The Ron figure also has Rufus sticking out of the pocket on the left leg of Ron’s cargo pants (Ron’s dressed in his mission clothes).
    The batteries in these figures are OK, because they all still work – several years after being purchased, and two years after being stored in an unheated cubicle over the harsh Chicago winters! When I pushed the button on the Ron figure, I heard catch phrases Ron said on the series. Likewise, both Kim figures recited lines of dialogue KP used.
    The “School Day Adventures” figure shows Kim in her school duds, with a backpack on. The backpack houses the electronic box that plays Kim’s voice when you push the button. Accessories with this doll include a figure of Rufus, and a laptop computer. Why they put a separate Rufus figure in with Kim instead of with Ron I don’t know; but that’s what came in this box.
    The “Snowboarding Adventures” figure shows Kim in her red-and-purple snowsuit, and comes with a two-tone blue snowboard and a miniature Kimmunicator.

    The last thing in my collection is the “Secret Gadget Kit.” This contains five toy secret-agent gadgets disguised as everyday objects a girl might have in her purse. The lipstick doubles as a pen; The compact mirror holds a secret notepad and message decoder; the comb has two flip-out lenses: a red one, and a magnifier. These can be used with the five “mission cards” to decode and reveal clues and messages on the cards. There’s also a ring with a red light in its “jewel” for signaling with. This was purchased at my local Wal-Mart.

    Another two items I purchased on-line were a KP dinner plate, and a drinking glass called a "Twist Tumbler." The dinner plate is 8" in diameter, and features Kim posing in a combat crouch against a blue-on-blue spiral background. The phrase "What's the Sitch?" appears over her right shoulder in green letters.
    1. The "Twist Tumbler" stands 5 1/4" tall, and is 2 7/16" wide at its mouth. Its name comes from the fact that the drinking straw wraps around the outside of the tumbler in a spiral, or "twist" design, but it's connected to the inside by a small port on the side of the glass at its bottom. So when you sip on the straw, the liquid flows out the glass from the bottom and through the straw on the outside of the tumbler itself!
    Both the plate and glass are dishwasher safe in the top rack only; but are not safe for use in a microwave.
    I bought these both for about $12.50 from a seller on eBay.

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    Oh my gosh! I have been looking for this toy since I had it as a kid in the early 2000s. Any chance you are looking to sell? Yes, I made a screen name to inquire
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    Hi, DK(P)B95. I'm afraid that nothing in the Kim Possible collection is for sale. It is the private collection of one of our most valued members and we have presented the collection here as a service to demonstrate the commercial products made for Kim Possible over the years.
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