Greetings, ladies and gentlemen!

We've made it! The final round of voting for the 12th Annual Kim Possible Fannie Awards!!

For those of you that are very familiar with the system: Y'all vote, they will be counted, and the winners will be notified through a private message. Unlike the voting of the first round, this round of voting is private.

The general rules, as they always has been, are the following:
*Y'all can vote for as many categories as y'all can.
*Only vote on one choice per category.
*You cannot split the votes
*All the ballots must be due by 11:59pm (Central US time) Thursday, September 7, 2017 (the 10th anniversary of the Graduation finale).
*They MUST be submitted to one of either two places: A) the email address or B) the FanfictionNet account of the KP Fannie Committee thru private message . The link to said account is here:

The nominees:

For those of y'all who are new to the concept of the Fannies: It is a unique contest for Kim Possible fans made by Kim Possible fans. Zaratan, the late Commander Argus, CaptainKodak, and the late CPNeb created the contest to recognize the best of the best of KP fanfiction. The more recent Fannies have been led by Whitem and Slipgate before both of them had IRL stuff going on. So, I decided to take up the mantle of heading this years' installation of the Fannies.

Here are this years' finalists on the ballot:
12th Annual Kim Possible Fannies Final Round Ballot

  1. Best KP Style Name
    -Fern Berman, Lynn Accurate, Troy Bell What's the Alma Mater MrDrP
    -Leela P. Poossible Being More than A Simulacrum ChrisTheCynic
    -Candace Didacy- Birth of the Ultimate Weapon Eddy13
  2. Best KP OC
    -Leela P. Possible Being More than A Simulacrum ChrisTheCynic
    -Tim Morrell What's the Alma Mater MrDrP
    -Alexa Stoppabe The Journey of Alexa Stoppable - KPRS4ever
    -Kin & Ronda - Kid Possible Shin Kaien
    -Jarvis KP Developments Novashiro
  3. Best Minor Character
    -Joss Possible Being More than A Simulacrum ChrisTheCynic
    -Bonnie Rockwaller Past & Present (by Zaratan) Vol. 2 Levi2000a
    -Joss Possible Finding Yourself RufusPrime54
    -Steve Barkin, Adrenna Lynn, Martin Smarty What's the Alma Mater MrDrP
    -Yori Looking Thru Your Eyes Dream Wreaver
    -Nana & Slim Possible Graduation in Early MAYhem Jimmy1201
  4. Best Villain
    -Drakken United and Divided Librana
    -L Kidnapped JustSaiyan123
    -Tim Morrell & Troy Bell What's the Alma Mater MrDrP
    -Drakken Drakken's Big Score Eddy13
    -Fukushima Graduated in Early MAYhem Jimmy1201
  5. Best Songfic
    -Bat out of Hell GerbilHunter
    -Musically Firestorm808
    -Let the Music Move You CaseysFancy
    -Possible Horror Thomas Linquist
  6. Best AU
    -Life After Chris the Cynic
    -Fox and the Mad Dawg CaptainKodak1
    -United and Divided Librana
    -Wicked Bonds 13Alex
    -Mind Games with a Twist Crush48
    -Machinations Waveform
  7. Best Cross-over
    -Connecting the Dots (Marvel) RufusPrime54
    -Machinations (Transformers) Waveform
    -Rise of the Monkey King (Miraculous Ladybug) DJMirium
    -Stones in the Force (Star Wars) Eoraptor
    -Kidnapped (DragonBallZ) JustSaiyan123
    -KP in Equesteria Girls (My Little Pony) AeroTendo
  8. Best Alternate Pairing
    -Ron & Monique That's So Monique NeoTyson
    -Drakken & Shego Stargazing FuschiaPheonix
    -Ron & Shego Part Time Sidekicks Imyoshi
    -Drakken & Shego Assorted Ficlets PurpleGirl761
    -Electronique/Adrenna Lynn Rebounds Emperor of Dreams
    -Rob & Amelia A Badger and A Sloth kmtdiccon
  9. Best KiGo
    -KP Shadow Plays CelendiAU
    -Mirror of the Soul HopefulHusky
    -Rebounds Emperor of Dreams
    -Worth it The Ambiguous Fool
    -All's Fair in Love and Way Lhyaran
    -Action & Reaction ShadowDancer01
  10. Best Kim/Ron
    -KP Rides Again Hotrod2001
    -What's the Alma Mater MrDrP
    -Fox and the Mad Dawg CaptainKodak1
    -Machinations Waveform
    -Wedding Day Otis Spifford
    -The Next Logical Step Biyo94
  11. Best Comedy
    -Kimtimidation Whitem
    -You Rub Me the Wrong Way KiY
    -No Bueno Nacho GenerationPossible2027
    -Ron Stoppable: That's So Monique NeoTyson
    -You Saw Nothing arandomshipper
  12. Best Romance
    -Gift of the Mad Dogs MrDrP
    -A Kiss in the Rain TemporaryInsanity91
    -Emotion Sickness Remix NeoTyson
    -Wedding Day Otis Spifford
    -New Beginning The Night Hunter
    -Worth It The Ambiguous Fool
  13. Best Friendship
    -Place and Joss Being More than A Simulacrum - ChrisTheCynic
    -Anne and Ron Ann Credible's Holidays made Possible Levi2000a
    -Kim and Ron What's the Alma Mater MrDrP
    -Ron and Tara Tara King's Winning Performance Kmtdiccon
  14. Best Action/Adventure
    -KP Rides Again Hotrod2001
    -Being More than A Simulacrum ChrisTheCynic
    -When Hearts Collide Lhyaran
    -Finding Yourself- RufusPrime54
    -Fox and The Mad Dog CaptainKodak1
    -Mirror of the Soul HopefulHusky
  15. Best Drama
    -A Touch of Drama AlyssC01
    -Rebounds Emperor of Dreams
    -Memories HumpyDumpy
    -StormChaser Bearsent176
    -Strength And Weakness-Whitem
  16. Best One-Shot
    -Confessions Eddy13
    -Ann Credible's Holidays Made Possible Levi2000a
    -The Dream The Ambiguous Fool
    -Tell It To the Marines Campy
    -The Kitten CaptainKodak1
    -What's In A Name HumpyDumpy
    -Kimtimidation Whitem
  17. Best Series Overall
    -When Hearts Collide Lhyaran
    -Graduation In Early Mayhem Jimmy1201
    -The Hunter Sentinel103
    -Graduation Slyrr
  18. Most Unlikely/Unique Story
    -Life After ChrisTheCynic
    -Ron Stoppable: That's so Monique NeoTyson
    -Connecting The Dots RufusPrime54
    -Amarantine JeffCFTW
    -Grief arandomshipper
  19. Best Novel-Sized Story
    -Being More Than A Simulacrum ChrisTheCynic
    -Break Away DismalOrc29177
    -Connecting The Dots RufusPrime54
    -What's the Alma Mater MrDrP
    -Better Than Revenge Tigrissa18
    -KP: Shadow Plays CelendiAU
  20. Best Short Story
    -Ten Years H20loo
    -A (Kim) Possible Life misswriter101
    -Number 23 TemporaryInsanity91
    -Ron Stoppable: That's So Monique NeoTyson
    -International Womens Day Lhyaran
    -Ron's Coin Jimmy1201
    -Greatest Challenges -VANGM
  21. Best Young Author
  22. Best New Author
  23. Best Lines
    -Originslayer - Ron stared at her for a minute. "Packing what?" A panicked look crossed his face. "Please tell me my parents aren't moving again!" - from Shocking turn of Events by Originslayer. Kim, Ron and the cheerleaders are all on the bus and the cheerleaders, wondering about Ron's physical attributes, have just asked her if Ron "was packing"
    -ChrisTheCynic From Life After - As it was he was staying alive mostly by means of having arms. The dogs were big, the dogs were scary, the dogs were fast, but they were incapable of changing direction as quickly as a human being who could reach out, grab onto something, and pivot around it as if they hated their shoulder with a fiery passion and were just begging it to become dislocated.
    -Levi2000a1 From Past And Present - "It was for your own good." The sentiment that was on Kim's mind when she inadvertantly broke up with Ron in college, what Bonnie said to both Ron and Michelle when she divorced him, believing that it was the only way to keep him from living and ultimatly believing in a lie to keep his family happy, and it was what Michelle said to Ron when she was mistaken in why Kim had showed up to try and work out his and Kim's problems. It almost led to his suicid because it had become a Stoppable family oath to never use that phrase.
    -GerbilHunter Bat Out of Hell - The single line I like best from ether of them is from BooH: "In her mind's eye she could see herself sweeping down on them, bringing ferocity and terror, like a bat out of Hell."
    -Campy Tell it to the Marines - essica "Oh Bonnie, you're still trying to make me insecure about my looks like you did in high school, hoping I'll meeky follow you around? Give it up already! I am so done with that!

    (In this instance, she is free from the Queen's hold on her, thanks to her mad military training skills)

    -RufusPrime54 Connecting The Dots 0 James Possible at Kim's funeral:
    She was my everything, my little Kimmie Cub, my only daughter, my protector and overall, even though I build Rockets, she is one of the best things I've ever made
  24. Best Reviewer
    -Sharper the Writer
  25. CPNEb Kimmunity Award
    -Tennente (Deviantart and BRP)
    -DrakeByRS (DeviantArt)
  26. Kimmunity Achievement Award
  27. Best Story
    -Forgotten Seeds ChrisTheCynic
    -What's the Alma Mater -MrDrP
    -KP: ShadowPlays CelendiAU
    -Touch AlyssC01
    -The Dream AmbiguousFool
  28. Best Writer