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    Just put in an order for a new computer through Amazon Prime--I couldn't believe the luck--they had a system close to what I was looking for as a replacement for my aging system and it's on sale. I'm expecting it Weds. next week. Then comes the fun of migrating everything over. Backing docs and everything I can to OneDrive so that should smooth the transition somewhat. Finished grading midterms for three of my classes and the fourth one gets theirs in a couple of weeks. Doctor's appointment tomorrow--just a standard check up this time, thankfully. Ablation surgery is scheduled for the end of the month unless something happens to change that. Web conference in half an hour--Woodrow Wilson and WW 1 today.

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    Hoo boy.
    Yesterday we had the heating & air conditioning folks over to replace both our furnace and our central A/C unit. That went smoothly, and they got the job done in one day.
    This morning, I got up and saw a Post-It note my brother had put on the bathroom mirror. It said: NO HOT WATER! It turns out our 9-year-old water heater chose last night to "give up the ghost," forcing my brother to take another day off work & summon a plumber. Said plumber arrived around noon and said, yes, the heater was shot and needed replacing. Fortunately, he had a new one in his truck and installed it for us. Mom was not happy about spending more money, but we had no other choice.
    And yes, the heater that died was indeed the one that gave out on us on New Year's Eve some years ago, because my brother discovered that the plumber who installed that one wrote the installation date on it: "1-1-11."
    This threw all our plans out the window, especially mine, as I was going to do my laundry today. I'll just have to do it tomorrow, after Mom gets her last load washed.
    This evening after dinner, I balanced and updated my checkbook, then paid a few bills.
    Still no luck finding a new job yet....

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