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Thread: How Was Your Day? Edition 18

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    Generally a good day yesterday. Got a good report from my coumadin check and have pretty much completely recovered from my surgery. Working my way back to my normal exercise routine. Today I'm giving an online lecture on Eisenhower and Kennedy and will be posting the first part of the Double Entendre summer series today on AO3 and this afternoon.

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    It's been such a busy week around here that I almost forgot to tell you the good news: I GOT A JOB!!
    I got a call from another temp agency on Monday describing the job. The lady I spoke with wanted to know if I was interested and I told her yes. So she said she'd send the client a copy of my resume & get back to me with the results. Sure enough, she called me back Tuesday morning saying they wanted to hire me! She then sent me some e-mails with documents linked that I needed to fill out. I filled those out Tuesday night, and also reviewed some training videos that I had to watch before starting the job. My starting date is Monday, December 7th, and the job involves some light data-entry work, putting data into their system on Excel spreadsheets. It's a good stating pay, almost $2.00 an hour more than what I was earning at my last job. Although I'll be working up in one of the northern suburbs of Go City, I don't think that'll be too much of a hassle for me, commuting-wise.
    Believe me, I'm glad to be working again. I still have unemployment bennies until early next year, and my checking account is still comfortably full, but I wanted to get a job before I ran out of funds. And now it looks like I will again.
    Boy, what a birthday present, huh?

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    A guy a know wants me to apply for something that I'm qualified to do, but I've been retired for a few years now and I'm not sure I want to drive an hour each way. It would be fun and could make a little spending $$$, but I don't have to do it.

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    Today was not a good day. Problems accessing my work site because we've got a security IT who loves making things more complicated with every password change plus I've got a leak under my kitchen sink. Found the leak, but it's in a hard to get to place for me and I'm not about to play amateur plumber. Thankfully, it's a very minor leak, but it's been going on for a while. Set out my little Christmas twig--calling it a tree would be a massive overstatement, but, since I live alone now, the little tabletop tree does the job for me. Well, here's hoping the rest of the weekend's better than today.

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