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    i went to my cancer doctor today, and got some very good news.
    I was scheduled to get a psa blood test. Psa stands for prostate-specific antigen, a protein that is produced by both normal and malignant cells of the prostate gland. A high psa test result indicates that the patient may have prostate cancer. My psa test last july scored 5.5, which caused my doctor to send me to a urologist to have an ultrasound and biopsy performed on my prostate. That's how they found my cancer.
    Now, four months (almost) after having the radioactive implants put in my prostate to kill the cancer, i had another psa screening. This one scored 2.8, which, my doctor said, was about where it should be for me.
    To sum it all up, he said i'm cured! no more cancer!!
    I'm scheduled to have another psa test in early september as a follow-up, and i'll be monitoring this for the rest of my life. But that's ok; it's a small price to pay for extending my life span.
    But let me tell you, it's a relief to hear that news. The last eleven months have been crazy for me - first worrying over how bad the cancer was and how the treatments would affect my life; then over how i was going to pay all the resulting medical bills from trying to fight the disease (fortunately, my job's insurance benefits have handled the bulk of the expenses - what remains i'm able to pay off in monthly installments).
    But now that particular specter no longer hangs over me. I can worry about other things for a change.
    It goes without saying that i went to work straight from the doctor's office in a very good mood today.
    And mom was pleased to hear the results when i told her the news this evening. She smiled from ear to ear.
    Thanks for all your words of encouragement and support, guys. It means the world to me to know you've got my back.

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    Counting down to the last days. My last day of work is this coming Friday, after which I will start moving everything into the new house, 320 miles away......
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    Had a productive day at work today. On the way home, I refueled my car, then went to a local car wash I know where they put out carts full of soapy water and long-handled car brushes so customers can pre-scrub their cars before driving them through the wash. I had to do this because this past weekend, I didn't go anywhere - caught a mild head cold, and stayed home. My car was parked under that tree so long that the $#%@!! birds covered it, from the roof back to the trunk, with purple droppings (they've been eating some sort of berries that grow around here - hence the coloring)!!
    I spent about ten minutes just scrubbing that crap until it worked loose enough to come off when sprayed; then I bought the top-end $12 wash to make sure my poor car came clean.
    Then when I got home, I left it out on the street and away from any trees, until after sunset when the birds had gone to sleep before I finally put it away in our driveway.
    I mean the car was looked like it had been abandoned for a month, it had so much poop all over it! I was actually ashamed to be seen driving it around; that's how much crud it had all over it.
    But it's clean now, and I feel better about it.
    The crowning irony is, today they felled several trees on the vacant lot to our north so they can begin to build a new house there. If only they'd gotten rid of the one I park my car under....

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