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    Happy Happy Holidays.........

    Visited my mom in the hospital today, she's been there 3 days now. Tomorrow I am told she will be sent to a nursing home for physical rehab. It is oonly supposed to be temporary.

    I am hopng if I keep thinking that it will be true.

    At least she looks & seems well-off. Maybe it's just the morphine. The battle with crippling arthritis and adema became unbearable in recent weeks. Just hoping specialized therapy can help her get back home. She definitely wants to do that, and resume a resonabley normal life.

    We are a family of die hard fighters, so there's that. Everyone on bothe sides battled their health problems until literallly dropping dead.

    4 me the meds I take at least keeps me from going to far deep into depression and paranoia. But being suddenly alone it's hard not to notice how large, dark and silent this house is right now. And I just can't warm up, no matter how much I cover up. I guess ths post is more about me, than anything...which is selfish and stupid. It is time to nut up or shut up.

    After having a Very Scary Christmas And A Crappy New Year maybe things will get better?

    Therapy goals have been met, and Mom is due to return soon (crossing fingers).

    While at the facility she wound up catching the flu twice. And a cold. And had a massive gall stone attack that required another hospital visit.

    We applied for Medicaid to pay for this mess, hope it works out. Will Mom take care of herself and remain home? Who knows, I can only offer help and advisement. Hope she makes it back soon, she is 80 and time is going fast.

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    We are praying for you, BB.
    "Say the Word"

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