Alright, the moment that y'all have been waiting for, the final round of voting for the 13th Fannies! Now, here's how the procedure will work. I want y'all to submit your votes to the usual place, the KP Fannies yahoo email address (, like y'all always have. But this time, I want y'all to arrange your choices in the categories from first place to fifth place. This year, the choices will be determined by a 20-point system that will go a little somethin' like this:

1st place - 20 points.
2nd place - 15 points.
3rd place - 10 points.
4th place - 5 points
5th place - 3 points

The choice in the category that gets the most posts will be declared the winner.

Example (this will not count in the official standings, just to let you know)

Best Alt Pair
1st place - A Badger And A Sloth - kntdiccion - 20 points
2nd place - We Danced - Nathaniel E. Kenway -15 points
3rd Place - Breakaway - DismalOrc29177 - 10 points
4th Place - Explosive -SirSebastian - 5 points
5th place -Rebounds - EmperorOfDreams - 3 points.

Once again, remember to submit your vote to the KP Fannies Yahoo email so that the votes will be tallied up.

The deadline to vote in the final round of the Fannies will be July 28. May the best story win.

The list of finalists are here: