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Thread: What In Real Life Reminds You Of KP? #11

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    You remember the exterior view of the Possible house after the tweebs finished decorating it in A Very Possible Christmas? Well, that's kind of how our house looks after my brother got done putting up our lights and stuff this year. (And he wants to add more to it in the future!!)

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    Cool! can you upload a picture?
    "Say the Word"

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    Quote Originally Posted by campy View Post
    A special election to fill a seat on the town council is coming up. One of the four candidates is using initials in lieu of a first name on his/her signage. The initials are KP.
    Update: My local "KP" did about as well in the town election as Kim did in the one in "Royal Pain." He came in 4th with 229 votes out of over 4000 cast.

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