Hello and good evening to everyone in the Kimmunity.

Now that the first round of voting has come to a close, I am happy to tell you that we have approached the final round of voting. This is going to decide the winner of each of the 29 categories

Now, before the voting can commence, I need to go over a few house rules with y'all on this very important round of voting.

Rule #1) You can pick any category you desire, but you only get one choice per category. No more than that.

Rule #2) You cannot split your votes.

Rule #3) You can submit your vote in either one of two approved methods
A) You can submit the form by PM to the Kimmunity Fannies fanfiction account (if you have an FFnet account)
B) You can submit the form by an email to the Kimmunity Fannies Yahoo email account. The email address is kimmunityfannies@yahoo.com.
You cannot, however, do both. It will screw up the system.

Rule #4) You have to submit your vote by June 14th at 11:59 PM (Central US TIME). No votes will be accepted after this date.

Rule 5) You have to put your normal screen name (be it Tumblr, Twitter, DA, FFnet, the active KP forums, or Instagram) under your vote so that it'll tell me who has voted.

Rule #6) And this is the most important rule of all -- You CANNOT share your vote on any social media site (be it Tumblr, Twitter, Discord, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Facetime, Kik...etc.). The Final Vote Round of the KP Fannies has been private in the past and we, as members of the Council, want to retain it as such as part of our tradition in this fandom.

Rule #7) In the event that a tie emerges in a category, it will go into a runoff to determine a winner. And if still tied, the Sharper Eye test will come into play.
With all the house rules in play, may the best author win.

I will post the nominees in a separate thread.