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Thread: Ron's Cheating in Episode "Ill-Suited"

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    Quote Originally Posted by David Falkayn View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by campy View Post

    That's true, Ron had to crab walk all over the place as punishment. But that hardly makes up for what he did.

    Another thing that I recently thought of: what about the boy who actually deserved the starting QB slot? (I use him as a character in some of my fanfic.) What if he missed out on chances to impress college scouts because of Ron?
    I like that! That would really feed into Ron's guilty conscience if he found out about that. I can't see him getting away with anything less than a two game suspension plus the Mad Dogs forfeiting any games in which he QB'ed with that suit. He's going to have to work his butt off to regain people's--including Kim's--trust because I don't really see Kim letting him off the hook as easily as she did in the episode.
    All are very good points and very workable from a storyline continuation POV. However I think that the series just didn't go into any of that for the sake of time and the fact they had bigger storylines to go into with what remained of season 4. It would have been interesting if they could have done so.
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    Yes, but the show's producers did manage to work in the "life lesson" that cheating never pays. Just like in "Car Trouble," when Kim cheats on her driving exam by letting SADI (in disguise as Barkin's Driver's ED car) drive the course for her, KP feels incredibly guilty about it afterward. And she does insist on retaking the test at episode's end, getting a lower (but honest) grade of C-.

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