Congratulations on Rank Advancement
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Thread: Congratulations on Rank Advancement

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    Congratulations on Rank Advancement

    We haven't this in a very long time, and I am glad to be able to do it once more. The old thread is so far gone in time, it was just best to start a new one.

    So, congratualtions to David Falkyn on achieving Junior Member status!
    "Say the Word"

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    Congrats, David Falkayn! Well done, you as a certain English adventuress might say.

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    Thanks guys! I'm working on the next part right now and would say I'm about half way done with it now. Hoping to have it up by Monday as I have to go in for some lab tests (nothing COVID related) on Tues. morning and then am going to be tied up in web conferences for my classes until about 1 PM on Tues. so if I don't get it done by Monday, then it'll be Weds. next week at the latest when I have it up.

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    Yes, congrats, David! And let me give you a belated welcome to our forum! It's been a while since we've had new members join our forum, so your input is greatly appreciated.

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