KP is now universally availble, thanks to Disney +
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Thread: KP is now universally availble, thanks to Disney +

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    KP is now universally availble, thanks to Disney +

    Hey, guys. Just in case you didn't know, ( heck, I didn't know until I subscribed) but all of KP's episodes in all four seasons are now available on Disney+ under animated series (So the Drama, too). Now we can all watch all her episodes any time we want......for about $7 a month of course, but that's obviously worth it.
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    $7 a month, eh? I just might invest in that...I already subscribe to Sirius XM satellite radio (and I just love hearing no commercials on it!), so Disney+ sounds like it's a good investment at that price.
    You also get a lot of Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars movies available too, IIRC.

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