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Thread: Make a USCG recruit's day a little brighter

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    Make a USCG recruit's day a little brighter

    Guys, if you have a few moments to spare, I'd like to ask a favor of you. My nephew is currently in basic training at Cape May. Now he's going to be getting a lot of mail coming to him from his mother and family and friends, so this isn't so much for him as for those recruits who for whatever reason don't get much mail--or any mail at all. A card or letter that just says "You can do it." or "Keep your chin up." Or "We're all behind you." can mean a lot to these young men and women who aren't hearing from friends or family for whatever reasons. If you get the time, here's the address:
    Any Recruit
    USCG Training Center
    1 Munroe Ave
    Cape May, NJ 08204-5083

    The CCs will make sure the cards and letters are distributed to those recruits who get little to no mail. Odds are they won't be able to respond, but just that simple word of encouragement can make a big difference

    Those of us who've been through basic training or similar experiences know how much it means to receive just a word of encouragement now and then. Thanks!!

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    I think we can do this, David. As a matter of fact, our other administrator is GreenManDMZ, who is pretty much inactive for some time now due to the fact he is a long time member of USCG and is on duty most of the time. I think he's been in a long time now, at least since the forum has been up, which is thirteen years now. He has come back every now and then to check in. I believe he was last stationed on the West Coast. You might consider sending him a PM and see if he responds to your request.
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    Thanks! I'll do that.

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