Boy, talk about a storm yesterday!
We had what was called a derencho, which is wide-spread wind damage event caused by severe thunderstorms. The line of storms which raced through the Go City area was over 200 miles long. According to the NOAA's Storm Prediction Center, the derecho tracked about 770 miles in 14 hours (this one got its start in southeast South Dakota and eastern Nebraska during the morning). It hit us out in the western suburbs about 3 PM Central time. We had a burst of strong winds, about 67 MPH according to the news on TV, accompanied by driving rain. After about 15-20 minutes the wind subsided somewhat, but it was still blowing strongly as the rain continued. It finally moved out of the area, going out over Lake Michigan and into northwestern Indiana, but not before causing some damage and knocking down power lines throughout the area. We still don't have electricity in our neighborhood; the only reason I'm on-line right now is because we have a natural gas-powered generator that automatically kicks in during a power failure. And the earliest Commonwealth Edison says power could be restored to our area is 3 PM Friday the 15th! So we'll just have to put up with listening to the generator running right outside our windows for the next four days.
We were lucky - no damage to our house; and the power outage was caused by a tree falling & taking down a power line a quarter mile east of where we live. So it's more of an inconvenience to us than anything else. Other folks around here weren't so fortunate. There were news reports of folks in the city whose cars were crushed by falling trees, and I saw some news clips of trees that had landed on houses as well as falling across streets and blocking them.
But at least the humidity's been reduced - enough that we could switch off the AC last night (after the storm had passed through) and open up the windows.