General Chuck Yeager, the first human to fly faster than the speed of sound, died this past Monday (December 7) at age 97. I first posted this message tonight on President-Elect Biden's Facebook page in response to his comments about the General's passing:

I was shocked to hear of Gen. Yeager's death. As a licensed private pilot, I admired the General for his flying skills. I wish I could have met him to talk about flying - or even gotten to go up in a plane with him. Now that would be a flying lesson to remember! I'm sure he could have helped me improve my flying skills, considering what a master he was at it. But such was not to be, so all I can do is say: Thank you, General Yeager, for inspiring me to be a better pilot. I know I could never be as good as you were. And thank you for protecting our freedom during the Second World War. We owe a lot to your generation - a debt we can never truly repay. May you rest in peace, Sir.