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Thread: How Was Your Day? The 20th Thread

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    Did my laundry; worked on my Christmas ornaments; brought in the trash cans after the trucks came by. Still recovering from a tooth infection I had early this week. I have a broken tooth in my lower left jaw - a molar, to be precise. It's been broken for sometime now. On Sunday night, it started to ache again, so on Monday I managed to get in and see my dentist. He took a look, and informed me that I needed a root canal, then prescribed me some antibiotics for the infection. We set up an appointment for the R.C. (Monday the 19th), then I went home. After filling the 'scrip, I began to take the pills, but boy, did my tooth ACHE!! The pain was so bad Monday evening, it felt at times as if my head would split wide open. Finally, the medicine began to take effect, and I was able to sleep that night. It hurt much less on Tuesday, and I'm still taking the pills (Amoxicillin, 500 MG, every 8 hrs. until the pills are all gone) along with extra-strength Tylenol for the pain. But since it was an infection, it's left me feeling somewhat run-down, as if I had a cold or the flu. I'm just taking it easy, and not pushing myself while I feel this lack of energy.
    These next two weeks are going to be crazy for me - next Wednesday, my car goes into the shop to have the rear brakes serviced; then the following Monday I have the root canal. Not to mention Christmas shopping, and ornament-building! Pain in my mouth, and pain in my wallet - not sure which is worse right now.
    Although I will say that the pain I felt from this infection is the WORST pain I've ever felt in my entire life - even worse than I felt when I broke my elbow back in March of '07 on the ice on my employer's parking lot. This pain was so bad, I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. It was just excruciating.
    But I'm feeling better now; and I'm just going to soldier on.

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    Yeah, you need to get those broken teeth fixed quickly, TWD. That's what happens if you have to wait. Sorry you have to go through that. Today I helped my DM with his computer. He's the best DM in the world, but he is clueless when it comes to computers. He thought he got a new computer for nothing, un til he showed it to me. It was nothing but a dumb terminal with no storage capacity, a tiny boot drive just barely big enough to hold the operating system and only 8Gb RAM memory. It had been used in an office for exactly that, a dumb terminal accessing a server somewhere. I upgraded it for him. I got a new M.2 boot stick of 1 Tb, cloned the OS to it, put that in, put in a 2 TB SSD for storage, and increasd the RAM to 16 Gb. It now is good enough for his needs, and it only cost about $300. Now it's essentially about a $700 computer. It won't play games worth a damn, but it'll do what he needs it to do.
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