My 20th KP Anniversary Announcement

Good morning to all of the members/denizens of the Kimmunity!!

We are here today to celebrate a historic occassion! For today is the 20th
Anniversary of Kim Possible and the Birthday of the Kimmunity. She first appeared
on our small screens on June 7, 2002 with the very first episode of "Crush" where
the premise is that Kim can stop an evil robot army but she has trouble asking
her crush to the dance. Sounds a bit foreshadow-ey, doesn't it? *
(*Chronologically, Tick-Tick-Tick is the first episode while Crush is the 13th, but I digress with Disney's scheduling issues. :P)

Anywho, 20 years have come and past in the KP fandom.

Fans (fanartists, fanfic writers, and roleplayers) and sites have come and gone but the
beating heart of the Kimmunity remains intact. The love we have for our redheaded
cheerleader (regardless of who we ship), the characters, the naked mole rat,
and the passion we have unites us together in the Kimmunity.

We especially thank Bob Schooley, Mark McCorkle, Steven Silver, Steve Loter, Chris Bailey and the crew for bringing the world of Middleton to life.

We also thank the voice actors of Christy Carlson Romano, Will Friedle, Tahj Mowry, Raven, Nancy Cartwright,
John DiMaggio, Nicole Sullivan, Tara Strong, Kirsten Storms, Jason Mardsden, Patrick Warburton, Patton Oswalt, Gary Cole,
Jean Smart, Shaun Fleming and the rest of the KP VA Crew for bringing our favorite characters to life!

As for me, well, I am thankful to be here for 13 of the 20 years. I have made many
wonderful friends along the way! Thank y'all for being a part of the Kimmunity.

May we propose a toast to 20 years of the Kim Possible fandom and may the next
20 years be more prosperous. May Kim Possible, in the immortal words of Drakken,
continue to play in the little TV of our hearts forever.

Boo-ya and Sitch in Power,

Sharper the Writer