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    Middleton County Wiki

    Haya, everyone!

    I have started a new KP-related wiki, the Middleton County Wiki. https://middleton-county.fandom.com/...on_County_Wiki

    From the canon-detail in *Trading Faces*, "Middleton Unified*.

    When using "unified" in conjunction with a community, it usually refers to a *consolidated city-county*. In other words, in this case: The City and County of Middleton.

    From this I've let my headcanons run free and built a *likely* structure of the area surrounding Kim's hometown.

    After months of having these details bouncing around inside my head, I'm now providing them as an Open Source Resource Module especially to and for Creatives who may struggle with background details and World Building.

    Come, Visit, help myself and Sharper The Writer add-to, edit, and discuss… Embrace whole or Cherry-Pick as desired. Tell and share with your favorite creative author, artist, vid-maker, etc!
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    Thank you for the invite, Robin.
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