Kim, Ron and Rufus in the Chibiverse
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Thread: Kim, Ron and Rufus in the Chibiverse

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    Kim, Ron and Rufus in the Chibiverse

    This was from Episode 2 of the Chibiverse and the intro with Rufus in it pretty much confirms that Kim and co. are gonna get Chibi Tiny Tales at some point in the future.
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    I have no idea what to make of this.

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    Yeah, I'm in the same boat with campy...
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    I've seen a clip of "Chibi" versions of other animated characters, and needless to say I'm not impressed. To convert them into teeny-tiny, chubby little kewpie doll-like characters (cuteness for cuteness' sake) is, IMHO, unnecessary and an insult to the characters themselves. Plus, it just looks silly. Disney's done similar things with some of their other char's in the past, with similar distasteful results as far as I'm concerned.
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